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What People Are Saying

Andy said he would buy the house and pay for it in a week and he did! I had a check with full payment and paid my bills in that same week!!
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Lewis Nielson

We met Andy at the house after he made contact with us. We have been able to put together a very satisfying deal with Andy in a very short period of time. He made some commitments to us and he kept every one of them and has been very professional as we went through this process. I would certainly recommend Andy to anyone else that was interested in doing such.

Joe Bivins

What a great experience. I called several property buyers over a 2 week period in an attempt to find the right buyer for our property in Utah. All were amicable and all made promises related to my explanation of our objectives and needs etc… Our objective was simple sell the property, our needs were a bit unusual get the property sold in two days. Each of the potential buyers I spoke to a gave their assurances that they could make this happen (check book in hand, and I have cash statements were commonly thrown about).

Of the potential buyers that actually came to see the property (a pre-requisite I insisted on) Andy’s team was the only one that was actually prepared to conduct business per my stated objective and need to move quickly. They were friendly knowledgeable and very professional in every aspect of our dealings. It was clear that they understood what we wanted and needed to accomplish and they were magnificently well prepared. We discussed several options sounding the sale to include a particularly interesting option for partnering on flipping the property, but settled on a simple sale. We then negotiated the price, what we would do, and how it would be done.

We were offered lunch and afterwards headed to a title company where Andy’s team had already started the titles search process etc… We signed the docs, and to my amazement the deal was done. In less than three hours after we met, we had negotiated the deal, had lunch and sold our property. The whole experience was very professionally handled by Andy’s team because they were prepared to conduct business, what a pleasure.

Dwight Longuevan
Vice President of Operations

Dear Andy,

Sorry it has taken us so long to get this note written for you., Thank you for the pictures, it looks like you did a good job with the repairs.

We do wish to thank: you for the expediency with which you handled the sale of Cindy’s house. It was very professional and time saving. It certainly took away the burden of us worrying about fixing it up to even put it on the market.

We felt that you were genuinely concerned about our wishes and desires regarding the selling of the house and appreciate all you did.


Cindy Andersen, Joyce Andersen, Karen Hicks

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Andy McFarland as a prospective buyer for your property. Andy has given my family a gift we could not give ourselves. That gift is rehabilitating our grandparents home in which three generations have lived, loved, and laughed since the 1920’s – 1930’s until February 7th, 2012. Now that gift will continue as another family lives in our much loved grandparent’s home thereby our family continuing to live there and enjoy happy times.

On January 20, 2011 through February 28, 2011, I lost two uncles and an aunt. I buried on uncle on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2011). The following Saturday a card came in the mail addressed to the uncle I buried with my address. This was prior to my having all mail moved to my home. With my uncles and aunt’s deaths, I became the sole living owner of my grandparent’s home and with their deaths the responsibility for the home fell on my shoulders. Not knowing how to proceed, I consulted with those I trusted and followed their counsels.

I initially met with Andy McFarland on about February 23, 2011 at my grandparent’s home. That meeting was positive. I found him to be genuine, congenial, nonplussed, easy to talk with, down to earth, and sincere. I felt he could be trusted.

On March 7, 2011 my cousins and I buried our aunt + their mother. We then met at our grandparent’s home. Most had not been in the home for years. At that meeting, I gave each family representative a copy of a formal appraisal on the home indicating its condition and current market value. And at that meeting we agreed to pursue the possibility of selling the home. With the agreement to sell the home I again contacted Andy. We met at my grandparent’s home. At that time I met also Matt Oviatt. Both Andy and Matt took three hours to thoroughly go through the home and yard. At the conclusion they said they would get back to me with their numbers. I told them that if they nimbled and denied my family that we would not deal! They came back to me with a definitely fair offer and knowing I had to communicate with family out of state, they liberally allowed me the time I needed. Every family representative but one accepted the offer. That family member did not want to sell. That individual insisted I reference check Andy and Matt which I did. The references affirmed what I already knew in my heart. They are dependable, honest, down to earth, deal fairly, have the funds for cash deals, and most importantly – extremely patient and understanding. Only with that information did that cousin reluctantly agree to sell. By the way, another cousin also references check them before being willing to deal.

Once everyone agreed to sell, the one change we asked for in the contract and they willingly agreed to was lots of time before closing. My cousins needed to go through probate in order to sell, and I needed time to clear the home. It took us from February through May 2011 to accomplish the task. So again, they demonstrated patience and understanding of our situation. Something I will always be grateful for.

So, once again, Andy and Matt have given me and my cousins a gift we could not give to ourselves, new life in our grandparent’s home. They have rehabilitated and made it new and livable now and the family can live in it. By that means, my family will continue to enjoy our grandparent’s home.



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Andy McFarland was awesome to work with. We had a ton of showings on a short sale property but no offers. The home was run down and needed a lot of work, so it would not qualify for a standard FHA loan. He could see past all of the junk and got me a fair offer to get things rolling on the short sale. It took a while and we had some “1-800-INDIA” issues but he hung in there and did what he said he was going to do. We closed quickly once we had 3rd party approval. Now the house looks great and the neighborhood is grateful to have an eyesore renovated.


Lonnie Williams 
BuySell4U Realty


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To Whom It May Concern:

This is to let you know of my experience working with Andy McFarland of Treehouse Investments in the sale of our condo. He has been very easy and cooperative to work with. He has followed through with his word in a very timely manner and had the money in full at closing.

He was willing to work with us on our timeline and need. I would work with him again in the future if the need arose.


Kaylynn Yorgason

Andy McFarland purchased our home in Ogden, Utah. When I first received his note offering to buy our property I was naturally skeptical. During our first in person meeting he erased all my misgivings.

Not only were the price negotiations fair, he explained his reasoning with examples and com parables that were up-to-date and easy to understand. He explained everything he would have to do to bring the house up to code in order to resell it and it was obvious he knew what he was talking about.

Our house contained the memorabilia from many generations and we needed time to go through everything. Mr. McFarland offered to haul away everything we wanted to leave behind. He did this for no charge even though it was obvious it was junk that needed to be taken to the dump. He allowed us plenty of time to go through everything and ensure we had saved what we wanted.

During the time we were sorting through the memorabilia my husband became very ill and was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. I called Andy to tell him about my husband and ask for additional time to clear out the house. Andy’s first concern was for my husband’s health and told us to take as much time as we needed. In the end we needed an additional three weeks and every time I touched base with him Andy assured me that he understood my situation and that we could take as much time as we needed.

In the end we received a fair and reasonable price for our home and were treated with dignity and respect. I would recommend Mr. McFarland to anyone wishing to sell their property.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me: (801)393-1456

Sandy Donaldson

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Dear Andy,

We are very satisfied as the sellers of our rental property. You provided a quick and easy process. There were no real estate agents involved, and since you provided the funds for purchase, no bank or investment company required an appraisal. The closing costs were minimal as stated by you.

This sale was surprisingly simple and fast. The title company did the search in record time, less than a week. Once the documents were signed, the check was available in a couple of days.

Andy, this was a very good experience. Thanks for everything, You may provide our name and telephone number to future sellers as a reference.

Kepa and Wendy Chertudi

Dear Andy,

Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know what I thought about you and your company. You all were very professional and very helpful. The whole process from start to finish was handled with ease for me. I was selling my father’s house because of his passing and you handled everything with true concern for myself and family.

From the beginning to closing took less than two weeks. I would recommend your company to anyone, in fact I already have. I told my girlfriend about your services and she too has used your company to sell her house. Thanks for all your help.


Dena Johnson

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